E-Signature Compliance

We know that moving your process online can seem overwhelming.

Hundreds of hours from focus groups have gone into simplifying this process for you. Our streamlined process will have you easily uploading your documents and sending them for signature in not time.

The Law

Sign in Blue adheres to the 2000 Congress enacted Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce ACT as well as the UETA or the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. These standards have been widely accepted across the country with an intention "to facilitate and promote commerce and governmental transactions by validating and authorizing the use of electronic records and electronic signatures."


While electronic signatures are becoming widely accepted, its essential that each signor grants permission to conduct transactions electronically. Sign in Blue ensures you are properly confirming that consent and providing the required disclosures through our built in confirmation system.


Users are able to sign using their mouse or finger with a tablet device to customize their personal signature ensuring there was intent when signing your forms.


Sign in Blue matches signatures with user names and email addresses and keeps a comprehensive log of all actions your users take. These actions include opening, viewing and executing your forms as well as their computer IP address and time stamp. These actions and details are appended to your forms to provide a clear history of the signing process in addition to being stored in our secure 256 bit encrypted storage environment.