Got an Idea You Don’t Want Anyone to Talk About? Use eSignatures for Your NDAs

Electronic Signature on NDA

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A huge number of people do business via the Internet these days. Operating a website or company can mean that you often need help from third parties, from freelance writers and web designers to marketers and more. If you’re working with a brand new idea that you don’t want just anyone to know about, you’ll want any third parties you bring in to the project to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). eSignatures allow you to make this process fast and easy.

What are eSignatures?

A lot of time is typically spent on administrative duties, including obtaining signatures for specific documents like NDAs. eSignatures allow you to save a ton of time on administrative duties. When you need a signature, you simply create the electronic document and send it to the individual you’re working with. They can read it at their convenience, then “sign” it over the internet and send it back to you. The time saved is significant.

How it Works

When you send your NDA to the individual you plan on working with, they have the option of reading it and then agreeing to the terms as well as adding their “signature.” Their signature can be as simple as them typing their name to the document and then confirming it. They can do so and send the document back within minutes, allowing you to retain important records and save time as you focus on the more important aspects of your business.

Is it Legal and Binding?

Electronic signatures are as legal and binding as traditional signatures, as stated in the ESIGN act of 2000. This act states that documents signed with electronic signatures are as legal and binding as those signed with traditional signatures, as long as individuals are aware that they’re signing a legal document and that proof of the signature is retained. This means that in a court of law, the document signed by an eSignature is just as valid as if the individual were sitting in the same room with you, signing manually.

Using eSignatures for a Non Disclosure Agreement

It’s easier than ever to use eSignatures for a non disclosure agreement. Simply let the individual know what it is you’re having him or her sign. Clearly state in the document what you expect from the individual, and then ensure that they understand that the document they’re signing is a legal document. It can all be accomplished via email within just a few minutes.

The benefits of using eSignatures are massive, from going green to saving time and money. They’re easy to use and are a benefit to any business that implements them. In addition to being legally binding, they’re better for keeping records, for both parties.

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