5 Great Industries That Could Benefit from Electronic Signatures and Why

5 Industries that use Electronic SignaturesElectronic signatures are a method of signing paperwork and documents without having to be physically present. Documents can be signed right over the computer or even on your smart phone, saving a ton of time and money. Here are 5 great industries that can really benefit from this technology:

1. Real Estate

Real estate agents often need tons of paperwork signed by their clients and sometimes, paperwork must be signed quickly; within 24 hours. A lot of time is spent by real estate agents driving from one place to another trying to catch up with clients and fit into their schedules in order to get paperwork signed. By utilizing electronic signatures, real estate agents can shave time from their day and get things done much more easily.

2. The Financial Industry 

There are many different reasons why electronic signatures can be great for the financial industry. Paperwork must be signed for virtually every transaction, and electronic documents can be just as confidential as physical documents, and sometimes even more so. Rather than spending the money and resources to send faxes or mail documents, financial professionals can simply send electronic documents to their clients have them electronically sign them.

3. The Construction Industry

When a client is having something built, there are often several teams involved, from engineers to various contractors and construction teams. Most of the time, the client must sign to approve actions before they take place. In the traditional manner (delivering the documents in person or mailing/faxing them), the construction project could be delayed until the signature is obtained. With electronic signatures, the project can go forward faster and it’s more convenient for everyone involved. 

4. The Legal Industry

Attorneys often have to file a lot of paperwork on behalf of their clients, no matter what type of legal situation they’re dealing with. This paperwork often takes a while to sign, and the client will usually have to go in to the office when they have time in order to sign those papers. With electronic signatures, clients can easily sign the documents to be filed from the convenience of their own homes and can get it done quickly.

5. The Insurance Industry

Finally, the insurance industry is another thick with paperwork. Clients must sign paperwork to begin coverage as well as maintain their current coverage and insurance professionals can really benefit from electronic signatures. Providing convenience for their customers is something most insurance professionals would like to do, and electronic signatures allow them to accomplish that.

6. Retail

But the post said 5 you’re thinking.  That’s right.  The reality is that there are endless industry where e-signatures make sense and we thought we would give you a bonus one.  Retail clients like an online jewelry boutique or a baby pajama store use e-signatures when working with vendors to streamline their operations.

Electronic signatures work well for any industry in which signatures are often needed and there are a lot of documents and paperwork to sign. Electronic signatures are easy to implement and records can be more easily kept and filed for future reference.