How a Plumbing Company Can Streamline Quotes and Proposals with E-Signatures


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One of the biggest goals of any company should be efficiency, because when systems are running efficiently, more profits are being made, the productivity increases, and more time is freed up. Plumbing companies, like any other company, should seek to create more efficiency with administrative tasks. One important way to do this is through E-signatures.

Alleviate Wasted Time

When a plumbing company gets ready to do a job, one of the first steps is to provide potential customers with a quote for the job. This means providing the client with a written estimate of how much the entire job is going to cost, including materials and labor. Many times, the plumber will need to drive out to the customer’s home, take a look at the problem, go back to the office and draft up the quote, and then return to the customer’s home at the customer’s convenience to deliver the quote.

When a plumber is able to go back to the office and draft up a quote and then send it to the customer electronically for a signature, the company is saving time and money. This is also true when it comes to proposals, which are more in-depth explanations of the job that will be completed, the materials needed, and any guarantees the plumbing company offers.

Stop Running Around

Many times, when a plumbing company wants to give a proposal or quote to the client and obtain a signature, they have to drive out to the customer’s home. Typically, this has to be at the customer’s convenience and it can take a lot of time out of the day. These hours really add up, and alleviating them means spending time on more important projects and tasks. E-signatures allow the plumbing companies to send documents to their customers any time, and receive the documents back at the customer’s convenience, without having to drive back and forth.

No Wasted Time

A lot of individuals will get quotes from several different plumbing companies. Many times, the customer will choose just one company and the others are left with wasted time. Not only does checking out the problem take up a lot of time, but so does driving the proposals and quotes to the client. With E-signatures, the only time wasted will be the actual investigation of the problem, because quotes and proposals have simply been sent electronically.


Another wonderful benefit of E-signatures is easier record keeping. The plumbing company will have a record instantly of the documents they send to customers and the documents the customers send back signed. They don’t have to be scanned into the computer for records, because they’re already there. This is perfect for streamlining records, and great for companies who are trying to become more environmentally conscious.

Overall, E-signatures are the perfect way to streamline any company, and should certainly be considered by plumbing companies who end up with a lot of wasted hours and days driving back and forth to obtain signatures from customers.

Realtors: Don’t Waste Time Getting Documents Signed

Free Esignatures

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Realtors carry a heavy load and have a lot of responsibilities. Often times, their schedules are so hectic, they find it difficult to have any personal time at all. One of the things that take up a lot of their time is getting signatures from clients or potential clients. This can often mean driving a lot and spending hours simply getting a name signed. E-signatures are a valuable solution to this problem, and can make a realtor’s day a lot less hectic.

Saving Time

One of the biggest benefits of taking advantage of E-signatures is saving time. Realtors spend so much time getting signatures for large numbers of documents that are necessary with selling and marketing homes. When they have the ability to send documents on the computer to clients who can sign them immediately and send them right back, a massive amount of time is saved. Not only will this provide realtors with the ability to enjoy more personal time, it can increase productivity and therefore, increase sales.

Fitting Clients’ Schedules

Another huge benefit for realtors when it comes to E-signatures is being able to work around clients’ schedules. Rather than trying to schedule a time to drive out to the client, the realtor can simply send over the documents that need to be signed and the client can take a few moments to sign them whenever he or she has time. This is much more convenient to the client, and allows the realtor to be more professional when collecting signatures.

Easier Record Keeping/Greener Practices

In addition to saving a lot of time and being more convenient, E-signatures make it much easier to keep records of the documents signed by each client. They’re already electronically stored, via email and other applications, when you secure the signature. You can then simply print out what is needed as it’s needed. They also make it easy to become more eco-friendly in business, which is something a lot of realtors are attempting to do.

Legality of E-signatures

Realtors don’t have to worry about the legality of E-signatures, as they are considered just as legal as a traditional signature. The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) went into affect in the year 2,000. This act made E-signatures just as legal and binding as a regular signature. As long as the signature is unique to the person using it, verifiable, in the sole control of the person using it and the client understands that he or she is electronically signing a document, it’s legal. The document must also be protected against having anything altered after the individual signs it.

Overall, E-signatures are extremely convenient for realtors and can really turn their businesses around. The amount of time that is saved by utilizing this tool is significant and can be used for personal time, or to further the realtor’s business, helping them earn more money and succeed.

Electronic Signatures in under two minutes

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In this video we walk you through the process of sending out a document for electronic signatures. It is a quick video and you can send out documents just as quickly.

Video transcript below:

In this video we are going to show you how to send out a document for e-signatures in under two minutes.

Once you have logged into your account, click on the new transaction button near the left-hand side of the screen.

You are presented with two options. You can upload a document or choose from your stored documents. We are going to select upload a document.

Click on the select button near the top right of the window.  Locate the file you want to send out for e-signatures and click open.

Once you are done selecting all of the documents you want to upload for e-signatures, click on the next button.

Your documents are then imported into our system and you are taken to the mapping tool.

The first step is to add the name and email address of a party you would like to e-sign your document.  Then we select their role, which is most cases will be signer. Then click on the add signer button.

The second step is placing the signature and initial locations for the individual we have added to the transaction.  First I am going to click on a signature button and drag it to the location where they are to sign the document. Then I am going to click and drag an initial location next to their name.

Next I am going to repeat this process and add another party to the document.  I am entering their name and email address, selecting their role as a signer and clicking on add signer.

Now drag their signature and initials on to the page in the desired locations.

Once all of the parties have been added to the transaction you click on the I’m done button.

Give the transaction a name that is easy to remember and add a message to the parties you are sending the e-signature transaction out to.  You can also re-arrange the order the parties will receive the transaction if you desire.

Click on confirm and send for signature and you are done.